48 hours left until the synchronicity!!!

The festival’s main parking lot is located 3 km from the site. Service charges for the main parking lot will be $20. This parking space, 3 km from the site, will be secure 24 hours a day. The service charges include a transport service, offered at all times, which will take you and your luggage from the parking lot to the site. Enjoy the festival!


This year on the new site for the Eclipse Festival, we will have a family space in the camping zone (showers and indoor toilets). We also have room for more than 150 cars on site as well as 150 spots for motorised vehicules (RVs, tent trailers) on site. For more info regarding costs and reservations, contact us at: Regarding the regular parking (24h security, some fees (20$) applicable), it’s located at 3km from the festival entrance. Busses (24/24) will be doing the round trips to and from the parking to the entrance of the festival for the whole duration of the festival. Don’t forget to carefully read the rules on our official website in the Information section!


The festival is situated in the countryside, be prepared for all
meteorological conditions.

-PRINT YOUR E-TICKET (The paypal confirmation isnt your ticket), as you
won’t be able to enter the site if you’ve forgotten or lost t! We’ll be
very strict about it this year!
-Flashlight The crank flashlights are encouraged)
-Natural sunscreen
-Natural biodegradable soap
-Tent and camping accessories
-Very warm clothes for the night!!!
-Ear plugs
-Bathing suit
-Toilet paper
-Pocket money (No ATM on site)
-A double of your car keys
-First-aid kit
-Natural insect repellentwithout Deet
-Your reusable water bottle
-Your reusable dishes

Less than 5 weeks!

We are very exited to present to you all the 12th edition of the Eclipse Festival in less than 5 weeks at Camp Awacamenj Mino in the town of Low in Outaouais. This picture remind us of how rich this new amazing location is! A wonderful and enchanting site with trees of all kind and plenty of shade in the huge camping spots for your tents or RVs!
Also, we will have a family space with cover and power!

Back from Eclipse’s new site!

Back from Eclipse’s new site! Summer’s coming and the place looks even more exceptional for the eyes with nature starting to show us all its charms So we can preserve the beauty of this site during the festival and to respect the enchanting natural beauty of Awacamenj Mino Camp, please check out the rules on our website in the Informations section ( ) it’s very important to rigorously respect these rules this year to make the whole experience wondefull for all and to improve the festival in all aspects.

This year, we’re lucky enough to have Open Mind’s Green Team that will put everything necessary for efficient waste management and recycling all over the site. Bring your biodegradable soap and sunscreen to keep the quality of the lake (A+ according to Environnement Canada). We wish to remind you also that we have to sanitary blocks with about 15 showers and 15 indoor toilets that will be regularly cleaned throught the days of the event. Outside toilets will also be made available. A quality family space will also be available with shelter and electricity. This new site offers every accomodations so your stay at the festival this year be at the level of your needs and expectations for a memorable edition. Thank you for taking notice of the rules in place and for respecting them! Your collaboration is essential for a smooth running festival as well as its developpement for years to come! LEAVE NO TRACE!

Official flyer

Here’s the official flyer for this 2014 edition. The concept is a
pyramidal flyer. They will be available by next week in different parties,
shops and festivals in many places in Canada!




Here’s the officiel poster!